Billiard Tables

Restorations & Relocation

Billiard table restorations have quickly become one of our fortes and we offer a full range of fully guaranteed restoration service.

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Table Restorations

Let’s face it, a billiard table – especially one of the calibre of Master Billiards’ – is relatively inexpensive. As a family heirloom that can be passed from father to son to grandson or granddaughter, they are justifiably expensive. However over time, your table can begin to show its age and suffer from wear and tear – especially if it is played often – and may need some TLC. That’s where Master Billiards excel. From an annoying scratch from an errant belt buckle and rips from miscued billiard cues, to cracks and chips from knocks and bumps, we can make your pride and joy as good as new…for much less than you’d think.


Replace the cloth
Replace cushion rubbers
Replace nets and leathers
Replace empire rails
Install new toes
Install new brackets
Slate repairs
Leg repairs and replacement
All timber work repairs
Repolish timber
Repairs cue Ferrell & tips
General service this includes the remark, respot, level and iron of cloth

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